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How to connect playAbility to your Xbox?

Use playAbility with your Xbox

This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to connect playAbility with your Xbox, allowing you to enjoy a seamless gaming experience across devices. We'll cover Xbox Remote Play, Xbox Cloud Gaming, and the use of Greenlight software.


Before we begin, ensure the following:
- Network Connectivity: Your Xbox and the device you intend to play on must be connected to the same network, preferably through ethernet and/or 5ghz wifi .
- Xbox Account: You'll need an active Xbox account to access your games and settings.

Section 1: Xbox Remote Play


Enable Remote Play on Xbox:
- Navigate to Settings > Devices & connections > Remote features.
- Enable Remote features.

Prepare Your Device:
- Install the Xbox app from the store on your windows PC if you don't have it


Launch the Xbox App:
- Open the Xbox app on your device and sign in.

Connect to Your Xbox:
- Follow the in-app instructions to connect to your Xbox console.

Section 2: Xbox Cloud Gaming


Xbox Cloud Gaming allows you to stream games directly from the cloud without needing a console.

Getting Started

- Requires Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Accessing Cloud Gaming:
- Launch Xbox app and click on xbox cloud tab

Section 3: Using Greenlight for Remote Play


Download and Install:
- Download Greenlight Click on the .exe link and follow the installation process.

Log In:
- Open Greenlight and log in to your account.


- Select Your Xbox:
- Choose your Xbox within Greenlight to start the remote play session.

Playing Your Games

Discuss how to navigate and initiate games using Xbox Remote Play, Xbox Cloud Gaming, and through Greenlight. Include performance tips like opting for a wired connection for better stability.


Offer solutions for common issues such as connectivity problems, device discovery, and streaming performance.


Explore the different methods to find the best fit for your preferences and setup. Feedback is welcome for document improvements.

Additional Resources

- Xbox Support
- Greenlight GitHub Repository

Updated on: 05/02/2024