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Stream and use playAbility with a single webcam via OBS

Manage your stream with a single camera using OBS thanks to the solution by tainalo2.

💡 Key Points of the Tutorial:

1. 🤔 Understanding the Problem:

By default, Windows limits webcams to be used by only one software at a time. But fear not, OBS comes to the rescue.

2. 🎬 Setting Up the Scene:

Create a new scene collection named "Next Camera".

Integrate your camera under the 'video capture device' option.

Lock the camera source in the scene, ensuring it remains intact, free from any inadvertent filter that might interfere with playAbility's facial recognition.

3. 🎨 Proper Application of Filters:

Add filters to the "Next Camera" scene, not directly to the video source. This method ensures that your changes in OBS do not affect the image transmitted to Playability.

4. 🔗 Linking Playability and OBS:

Activate the "Start Virtual Camera" function in OBS.

Go to the OBS settings, represented by a gear-shaped icon. From there, go to "Sources" then to "Video capture device" or the name of your specific camera source.

Launch Playability after the above configurations. If your USB video does not appear, simply select "OBS Virtual Camera" from the available options.

Activate "Facial Detection" in Playability, making the necessary adjustments to the settings.

Updated on: 05/02/2024