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Configure your virtual game pad (Virtual Gamepad tab)

Welcome to the Virtual Gamepad Tab

Configure your virtual gamepad here to play using the movements of your face, keyboard keys, or mouse clicks.

🎮 Create Your Virtual Gamepad

To create your virtual gamepad, simply map actions with each button: facial movements, keyboard keys, or mouse clicks...

Open the playAbility application.
Click on Virtual Gamepad

Activate Facial Recognition

Configure a Button:
Click on the button you want to map.
Face landmark to trigger it with a facial movement.
Keyboard to trigger it with a keyboard key.
Mouse to trigger it with a mouse click.
Choose the action that will trigger the button.
Adjust the sensitivity.
Save by clicking on save

Activate Your Controller: Before testing or playing, make sure the switch at the bottom right, Start Gamepad, is activated.
It should display "pause gamepad" if it is properly activated.

Test Your New Button:
Trigger the associated action and check that the corresponding button turns purple on the gray controller on the right.
Make sure your controller is not paused: click on "start gamepad" at the bottom right to start your controller.

Repeat: Repeat for each new button.

🏁 You are now ready to play! 🥳

👤 Configure a Gaming Profil

⏯ Enable / Disable Your Virtual Gamepad

At the bottom right, click on Start Gamepad to activate your virtual gamepad.

Updated on: 12/01/2024