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Settings tab

Welcome to the Settings Tab

Access the general settings of the playAbility application here.

🦊 Head Motion Settings: Configure the directional stick with head motion

Activate Facial Recognition

Configure the different movements:

Yaw Axis: lateral movements to the left or right.
Pitch Axis: movement upwards and downwards.
Roll Axis: tilting to the left and right.

🖱 Mouse Motions Settings: Control the directional stick with the mouse

Mouse Motion Settings

Auto Centering: Auto-centering

When the auto-centering feature is enabled, the mouse behaves like an auto-centering joystick.
When you stop moving the mouse, the joystick automatically returns to the center. This behavior is similar to that of a physical game controller joystick.

When the auto-centering feature is disabled, the mouse controls the joystick based on its position relative to the center of the screen.

Auto Centering Sensitivity: Auto-centering sensitivity

Adjust this setting to control how much you need to move your mouse for the joystick to move fully when auto-centering is enabled.
A higher value means you need to move your mouse more.

Test this setting to find the right balance for your gaming style.

🔄 Version & Update

Version & Update

Reset Database: Clear all configurations

Click this if you want to clear all your profiles, controller configurations, settings...

Check for Updates: Update the playAbility application

Normally, the application updates itself automatically each time it is launched.
If you are unsure, you can click on Check for Updates to see if an update is available.

Updated on: 27/11/2023