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Virtual Keyboard tab: configure your virtual keyboard

Welcome to the Virtual Keyboard Tab

Configure your virtual keyboard here to use it with facial movements, keyboard keys, or mouse clicks.

⌨️ Create Your Virtual Keyboard

To create your virtual keyboard, simply associate actions with each button: facial movements, keyboard keys, or mouse clicks...

Open the playAbility application.
Click on Virtual Keyboard

Activate Facial Recognition

Configure a Key:
Click on the key you want to associate.
Face landmark to trigger it with a facial movement.
Keyboard to trigger it with a keyboard key.
Mouse to trigger it with a mouse click.
Choose the action that will trigger the key.
Adjust the sensitivity.
Save by clicking on save

Activate Your Keyboard: Before testing or playing, make sure the switch at the bottom right, Start Keyboard, is activated.
It should display Pause Keyboard if it is properly activated.

Repeat: Repeat for each new key.

🏁 You are now ready to play! 🥳

👤 Configure a Game Profile

⏯ Enable / Disable Your Virtual Keyboard

At the bottom right, click on:

Start Keyboard to activate your virtual keyboard.

⚠️ Face Detection Bugs

Make sure you have selected the correct webcam.
Restart playAbility.
Ensure that another application is not using your webcam.

Updated on: 27/11/2023